Before you buy!!!

Please, note the following before making purchase of this software:

  • CRUCC 2.4 software is not intended to unlock single radios, this is a professional tool used by professional car audio repair/service specialists and by those who are involved in this business.
  • CRUCC 2.4 provides only factory original codes and would not help you in the following cases:

  • When radio code previously changed, by re-programming radio MCU/EEPROM chip content, or when the radio has "USER CODE" mode and customer sets own codes
  • When too many wrong code entry attempts are made and radio is blocked (showing "WAIT", "LOCK" etc)
  • CRUCC 2.4 is not chip programming software, it doesn't have hardware interfaces and it can not read/write MCU/EEPROM content or reset counter etc.
  • CRUCC 2.4 is not a car audio "owners manual" replacement and it doesn't provide car audio code entry information/instructions.
  • Grundig, Philips and Delco code calculations are based on databases. They are not complete databases and we can not guarantee that you can obtain all pre-2000 year model codes, even if the radio models are listed as supported models. There are many models and serials supported, but not all of them are included for Grundig, Philips and Delco.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - F.A.Q.


  • Can I download CRUCC 2.4 or the DEMO version before I buy it?
  • There is no DEMO version or download available for this product, this is commercial product, protected with USB hardware key, so software environment would not work without having that USB key, even if you have it downloaded.

  • Does CRUCC 2.4 calculate security codes for all vehicle audio units?
  • No, it doesn't, there is no such serial calculator on the market for sale which could unlock all units.  However, CRUCC 2.4 is the most complete, integrated into one software package calculator, among the list of car audio software tools available on the market for sale

  • Does CRUCC 2.4 calculate codes for AUDI and VW radios?
  • VW and AUDI radios made by different manufacturers an they are not calculated from serial number yet, except some small number of models.

    See below what is possible to calculate at the moment and how to distinguish VW & AUDI radios by manufacturer:

    Z1Z Blaupunkt - NO
    Z2Z Grundig - some
    Z3Z Sony - NO
    Z4Z Delco/Hitachi - NO
    Z5Z Matsushita - NO
    Z6Z Philips - some
    Z7Z Ford - NO (maybe some with M algorithm)
    Z8Z Alpine- NO
    Z9Z Clarion - NO
    ZAZ Technisat - NO


  • Does CRUCC 2.4 calculate codefor FORD V series units?
  • No, it doesn't. we are working to develop this algorithm

  • My car audio is locked, can you calculate code if I pay?
  • Please, do not ask for price to decode single coded radios. We do not charge and provide codes in this case. CRUCC 2.4 is the tool for professional car audio repair/service technicians only... If your own radio is locked please, apply for your code to these car audio repair/service centers nearest in your area. However, dealers could order in advance certain amount of code calculations, for more information please contact us.

  • if I purchase CRUCC 2.4 now, do I receive future updates for free?
  • The price of updates - money you pay now for CRUCC 2.4 in case you decide to purchase it, is the cost of already implemented calculation algorithms in it and it doesn't cover costs of any further updates. But the same time further updates you will receive either for free in case there are new minor algorithms or software bugs found, or with significant discount in case of some important algorithms, since you have already purchased the previous version of CRUCC. It worth to buy CRUCC 2.4 now, in order to receive other possible new updates and algorithms, with discount in the future.

  • When there will be available new updates and algorithms?
  • We do not announce or guarantee exact dates of software updates. Our team works on new updates and as soon as they are ready, we will let you know. However, note please, CRUCC software developers keep right to not include some exclusive calculation algorithms in the CRUCC software, even if they are developed and available.