Majority of standard fit car audio systems have anti-theft security code protection feature. Every time battery of the vehicle is disconnected or audio is removed, owner is prompted to enter security code in order to activate in-car audio system.

Normally, security codes of vehicle audio systems are attached to the car related documents, owners manual or kept separately as a special car audio information card.

But, there are several cases when vehicle audio system anti-theft security code is not available: audio system is replaced, manuals and code information cards are lost etc.

The normal way to obtain the car audio system security code in such a case is to apply car dealers, but if it is not possible for some reasons - CRUCC 2.4 could do the job!

CRUCC 2.4 is the simple and fastest way to calculate car audio anti-theft security code via audio serial numbers.


Project Description

CRUCC 2.4 – Car Radio Universal Code Calculator 2.4

CRUCC 2.4 is the best ever made car audio code (anti-theft) serial calculation software on the market of car audio tools.

CRUCC 2.4 is the software, which helps to easily calculate vehicle audio anti-theft code by using car radio serial number, diode / link coding and master codes

  • Serial number
  • Serial number is the vehicle audio system identification number and car audio anti-theft code is encrypted by using that serial number… CRUCC 2.4 decrypts those codes from serial numbers. No vehicle VIN number is necessary in this case. Major types of radios in CRUCC 2.4 are decoded using this very simple and quick method. Radio removal is necessary in order to get serial number information. The serial number is normally engraved / stamped into the side of the radio and sometimes printed on a label on the right hand or back side of the radio.

  • Diodes and/or links
  • Some vehicle audio system security codes in CRUCC 2.4 are decrypted by using diodes or just simply links located on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) of car audio. In order to get codes for these types of radios, those diodes and links location and position have to be identified on the PCB of the radio, which requires removal of the radio from the car and some disassembling of cover of units in order to locate those diode links.

  • Master codes
  • Some vehicle audio systems have special master codes to reset and set code again. Some radios in CRUCC 2.4 are decoded in this way as well. No radio removal is necessary.




    Supported Models

    CRUCC 2.4 calculates car audio factory original security codes from car audio for audio devices from various car audio manufacturers:


  • and other OEM models



  • Software copy protection
  • CRUCC 2.4 software is protected with Hardware Protection USB key, offers highest level of copy protection, all calculation algorithms are written and executed in USB microcontroller.

  • Remote updates
  • Supports remote updates. As soon as there are new algorithms it is possible remotely update/upgrade USB key contents.

  • Radio database
  • CRUCC 2.4 includes compact radio database, to make easy identification of calculation algorithms by unit type. You just need to select appropriate radio from the list and software automatically selects code calculation algorithm for it.

  • Runs minimized on taskbar
  • CRUCC 2.4 could run in backround mode, minimized on taskbar